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about us



We are a dynamic duo of sisters who share an unwavering passion for food, clean eating, health, wellness, and the pivotal role that good gut health plays in living our best lives. Our dedication extends not only to our own well-being but also to the well-being of our beloved furry companions.

Growing up, we were fortunate enough to receive a stellar education on the significance of wholesome food, the art of cooking, and the importance of moderation. Although our Italian heritage might have indulged us with an abundance of pasta (all lovingly homemade, of course), we owe our incredible role model, our Mum, immense gratitude for showing us the way. As we journey through life, we increasingly cherish the clean eating habits we have adopted as adults.

Applying these same principles to our dogs, we discovered our business's true calling—nurturing our fur babies through the power of raw feeding. Just as we refuse to consume highly processed products found on store shelves, we simply couldn't fathom feeding such items to our four-legged companions.

With love and paws, Larns and Mish xxx

100% human grade

All of our products are 100% human grade and made right here in Australian with the highest quality ingredients.


quality and transparency

Our unwavering commitment to quality is the bedrock upon which our brand stands tall. We are driven by a relentless dedication to delivering nothing less than the finest nutritional supplements for dogs.

Premium Australian-Made Nutritional Supplements:

Our commitment to quality begins with the sourcing of premium ingredients, meticulously selected for their purity and nutritional value. We take great pride in our Australian heritage, and every Raw Pawz product reflects the country's reputation for excellence in agriculture and animal care.


We firmly believe that informed choices lead to healthier, happier pets. Hence, transparency is not just a value but a guiding principle at Raw Pawz. We go above and beyond to provide pet parents with complete visibility into the contents of our products. Each label proudly displays a comprehensive breakdown of ingredients, ensuring that our customers have the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions about their pet's nutrition.

our values & mission

Our mission extends beyond merely supplying quality products; it is about empowering pet parents to be the best caregivers they can be. Our carefully crafted products are designed with a broader vision in mind – to enhance every facet of your canine companion's health and happiness.

Improving Digestion:

While a healthy gut is paramount, it's just the beginning. Our products work in harmony to promote optimal digestion.

Boosting Immunity:

We know that a robust immune system is the cornerstone of a dog's vitality. That's why our products are imbued with elements that bolster your pet's natural defenses, allowing them to thrive in any environment.

Enhancing Coat Shine:

A radiant coat is a visible testament to your dog's well-being. Raw Pawz products are formulated to promote a glossy, lustrous coat, turning every walk into a runway moment for your furry friend.