Brain Health and Your Pets Mood

  • by Alana Scarce

It is crazy how important good gut health is in our overall health and well-being. Not just for us as humans but also for our furry friends. Let’s explore the benefits of good gut health and how it plays such an important role on your pooch’s brain function, mental health, overall mood and behaviour.

We have been presented with a lot of information and findings around the relationship between the gut microbiome and brain health. We know that nutrition is an essential component of managing the brain and cognitive function of your dog. The combination of a happy pooch, with a diet high in antioxidants can lead to an improvement in cognition and memory, which is what is making them jump for joy.

Dogs basically have 2 brains. Their main brain and there is the second brain, the gut-brain. The connection between the 2 is so real and that is what it is so important that the gut is healthy and fed the most nutritious foods. Our dog’s gut actually contains more neurotransmitters than the brain and is incredibly sophisticated. Messages are constantly travelling back and forth between the gut-brain and the head-brain. When those messages are interfered with in any way, the health of our pooches suffers. This is often how food and digestion can have a massive impact on behaviour in animals.

Thank god for natural, raw diets. Our dogs really are what they eat, just like we are!

We are very passionate about feeding raw to our dogs, as we have seen first hand, the benefits of fresh feeding. We (ourselves) never eat processed food and are super motivated when it comes to clean eating. We are proud to have adopted a complete and balanced raw feeding routine for our dogs. We have noticed a huge difference in the mood of our dogs. They have become less chaotic and their energy levels have stabilised. We have had noticeably less trips to the vet for skin irritations; eye and ear infections and our dog’s stools are always perfect (they barely even smell). This was a huge eye opening for us.

There are many studies that have shown a diet rich in antioxidants is good for brain health. So even if you are feeding kibble (dry food) or even wet dog food, adding foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants to your dog's diet can still make a big difference. Including elements that have Vitamin E (eggs, salmon, avocado, and trout), Vitamin C (kelp, parsley, alfalfa, garlic, and kiwi) or colourful fruits and veggies like raspberries, blueberries, carrots, or spinach. You can start by adding any of our products to your dogs diet too, it is so easy and also affordable.

Raw isn’t for everyone, we totally understand that. If you are on a raw journey, keep going. Your pooch should live a happy and exceptional life. If you are feeding kibble, why not try to include our products or some fresh food to increase the health of the gut.